Timber engraving is a process where certain designs or messages are engraved on the surface of the wood for any wooden products. Laser engraving is actually a good idea for picture frames.

We may be in a digital age, but there are still lots of people who are using printed photos. In fact, printed photos are now better than ever. Unlike before, printing photos nowadays is not done every day. It’s now becoming quality over quantity. Pictures that get printed are special, that is why they deserve the best treatment. And the best way to take care of these photos is by using the best quality picture frames.

In choosing a picture frame for your special photos, do not only think about the protection. But you should also think about the design. You will be hanging these picture frames in your home so might as well, choose something that will enhance not only your photos but also the overall design of your home.

Laser cutting, as well as laser engraving, offer a fantastic opportunity for creating customised and uniques picture frames designs. Here are some ideas on laser engraving on your wooden picture frames.

Embroidered picture frame – instead of using fabric, make your embroidery design on your computer and take the design in the laser cutting and engraving company and have the design engraved on your wooden frame.

Picture frames with words – these engraved photo frames can be a good gift for your mom, dad, sibling or a friend. You can have your message engraved on the sides of the frame to remind the person of your message for them or how you feel about them. It can be a simple “I love you.” or a bible verse, a simple quote or a long message. Wooden picture frames with words engraved on the sides can be the best gifts for any occasion.

Recycled picture frames – laser engraving is the best way to recycle your old wooden frame and give it a new look. Tired of the simple brown-coloured picture frame hanging in your living room? Why not give it a new colour by painting it and have your design engraved on the sides of the frame? Not only you will have a new coloured frame, but you’ll also have a newly designed frame that is designed that fits your taste.

Personalised picture frame – you can bring a piece of wood and have the professional laser cut the wood according to the shape that you want. You can have it laser cut into a heart shape if you are going to use it for your wedding photos. Then you can have your wedding date engraved on the wood. You can also have your wedding vows engraved on the wood for a more personal touch. Even the most intricate design and small prints can be accommodated by laser engraving.

Whether you upcycle your picture frame along with other accessories or make a new one, using laser cutting and laser engraving is surely a great way for you to create a masterpiece that you can use to decorate your home. The good thing about laser engraving on wooden picture frames is that you can design the frame however you want. You can engrave your personal message or graphics on the surface of the wood. And since it’s engraved, the design will not fade away.

When it comes to timber engraving on picture frames, it would be best if you let a professional laser engraver do it. This is to ensure that the process is done correctly and you’ll get the result that you wanted.

After that great event that is a wedding, it is best to relax and unwind with a well-deserved honeymoon. Trips to paradises to rest, visit big cities or make that dream adventure trip.

Of course, on the way back, they expect the photos of the big day, meet the photographer and see all the images that he gives you. Then comes your work, select those that will be part of your wedding album that will be the one to teach your family and friends and, in the future, who knows if your children.

How To Choose Your Wedding Photographs

The  advice from the picture framing company in sydney , when choosing the photos is to make a consistent selection. Do not put all the images that are delivered to you. You can keep them in digital, of course, but for the album, it is advisable to choose only the best and most representative ones.

It can be divided into chapters. Some photos of the bride while she is doing makeup and combing, that moment when she is with her closest relatives. This is where many details of the dress, jewelry, and accessories worn by the bride tend to be taken. Also photos of the groom waiting for the bride and pictures of the arrival of the guests to the ceremony. Here indeed there are good snapshots of relatives, who usually greet the groom while waiting for the arrival of his future wife.

The next chapter would be the ceremony, the same as in the previous one, not to put pictures that are similar, you can appreciate the moment if you put a beautiful photo of the pair while the ceremony is taking place, of those in which there is an accomplice look full of love and illusion — also some of the closest relatives and of course the moment of exchange of rings. But I repeat, do not repeat scenes that are very similar.

Then comes the moment of newlyweds. Everyone wants to take photos with the protagonists, and yes, there is still a release of rice or rose petals, so it would also be a beautiful and representative photo of that moment.

A time when you can include some of the guests is the cocktail. Here the photographer usually takes pictures of the groups that are formed and also some stolen while the couple goes waving.

Before lunch or dinner comes one of the most special moments of the album. The photos of the newlyweds. The images in which the bride and groom pose, and of which each photographer has their techniques and style, but in any case, there must be several photos of couples in which the happiness of the moment is reflected. One of these photos is what you will have in your living room in a beautiful frame and the one that your parents and grandparents will ask you to do the same, so choose it conscientiously. For the album, here you can put several, some full-length and other close-ups.