Since they started in their store in, our tea has been adapting to the changes in the world of interior design and the way of selling. Since pictures and paintings plan a significant role in home decor, we wanted to explain more on how to utilize the images and frames to enhance your home decor.

After starting selling antique replicas, the next step was online sales. That’s where the kick-off to a business model that David and Alberto Torres, founding partners of our company, took to take away from any utopia at that time and turn a sales channel that has not stopped growing until today.

“Many things have happened in these years, but the balance is positive. Our crises have made us much stronger and, above all, we feel comfortable with the changes, “says David. The changes linked to the diversification of the business has turned them into a decoration company referring to the international level thanks to the advantages of the Internet and its marketing domain. Read more :